A summary Science and Technology Park of Kurdistan report
Feb 13, 2019
A summary Science and Technology Park of Kurdistan report


Following the national development policy with an emphasis on realization of knowledge-based economy, compared with other oil-rich countries in the region, Iran has successfully accomplished to create the most diversified economy with the lowest dependence on oil and gas incomes. In line with the national innovation system, Iran is moving steadily towards a knowledge-based and innovation-based economy, seeking to reinforce its productive capacity, encouraging international collaboration to exchange technology and engaging more actively in innovative activities to foster economic growth and sustainable development.

In order to implement new economic policy, science and technology parks, as the center of technology and innovation, have been regarded as one of the key factors of economic growth; therefore, the government considered the following national priorities in order to foster economic development and get the authority of science and technology in the region:


  • Supporting establishment and expansion of science and technology parks and districts, incubators and accelerators
  • Developing the Knowledge-Based Economy
  • Developing technological interactions with the world economy and exporting knowledge-based goods and services through:


Creating more than 3000 supported Knowledge-Based Firms taking advantage of the facilities provided under the Law for Supporting Knowledge-Based Firms

.Designing and implementing pro-market policies to promote development of knowledge-based ecosystem

.Creating and promoting development of markets, using Knowledge-Based Firms’ capacities to provide at least 15 percent of the required local material and equipment

.Promoting development of financing mechanism and insurance of knowledge-based production


  • Providing necessary conditions and harnessing all facilities and financial resources as well as scientific and human capital to develop entrepreneurship
  •   Increasing the share of science and technology in the national income and economy, and improving national strength and efficiency
  • Providing monetary and non-monetary support for idea-to-product process and increasing the share of high technology products and services and domestic technology in GDP as much as %50
  • Developing active, constructive and inspiring cooperation in the field of science and technology with other countries and accredited scientific and technical centers throughout the world and the region with an emphasis on:
  •   Developing industries and services based on modern sciences and technologies and providing support for manufacturing and export of knowledge-based technological products
  • Taking necessary measures for technology transfer and acquiring knowledge to design and manufacture products in the country employing the capacity of the national market in consuming imported products
  • Taking benefits of the scientific and technical capabilities of the Iranian expatriates and attracting prominent researchers and expert from other countries 


Iran Science and Technology Parks and Incubators

STPs and Incubator Centers are considered as the major centers of innovation and technology and knowledge-based firms. At the moment, there are a total of 43 active Science and Technology Parks (STPs) and 175 incubators across the country. It is also estimated that more than 4000 companies are located in STPs and Incubator centers and these companies have exported more than 200 million dollars of products and technologies.

Science and Technology Parks of Kurdistan

Science and Technology Park of Kurdistan (STPOK), founded in 2013, is one of the youngest science parks in Iran. STPOK located in Sanandaj, the center of Kurdistan Province, in the north west of Iran. STPOK has strong links with the nearby University of Kurdistan (UOK), situated in the vicinity (less than 1 km) of the UOK to facilitate university-industry collaboration. Established as one of the affiliated centers of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran (MSRT), Science and Technology Park of Kurdistan aims to develop and manage an innovation ecosystem that promotes Research and Development and supports enterprise activities and the collaboration of industry, government and academia in a business-friendly environment. The park serves as a catalyst for synergy between university-industry and the region’s development into a knowledge-based economy by being a regional business hub for Research and Development.

In 2013, STPOK was established in a 200 m2 rental building, but now just after four years, we have settled in a 6800 m2 six story building, opened officially in August 2017, hosting more than 80 companies. There are more than 100 spacious rooms to settle companies, 13 laboratories and workshops, 2 meeting halls, a co-working space and an Innovation and Creativity Center hall in this new building.

Based on our regional potentialities, Science and Technology Park of Kurdistan has focused on different innovation and research areas such as agriculture, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Nanotechnology, Mechanics and Elecronics, Food Industry, Environmental Science and Soft Technologies including Animation, Artistic and Literary-Content Production. The establishment of this innovation ecosystem supports constructing a sustainable, knowledge-based economy that increases regional entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. We also endeavor to nurture and foster an engaging community of people from leading academic institutions, companies and start-ups who connect and co-work in STPOK.

As one of the park’s strategy is to recognize talented innovators and help to grow them, STPOK has tried hard to expand its activities all over Kurdistan Province and hosts more than 100 companies and startups; therefore, we have opened a variety of centers to foster a vibrant and growing community of teenagers, the youth, university graduates and the talented;


  • Sanandaj Incubator Center
  • Marivan Incubator Center
  • Sanandaj Innovation and Creativity Center
  • Bijar Innovation and Creativity Center
  • Divandarreh Innovation and Creativity Center


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the source for scientific and technology innovation that feeds the enterprise, entrepreneurs, and innovators. We aim to design, establish and sustain an ecosystem that recognizes, shapes and supports the ideas that have a future. Another priority is to accelerate product innovation within the private sector through programs that encourage new product development, innovation. We also intend to create an environment that foster innovation and collaboration by attracting and supporting tenants focused on development of tech-based products and services and the commercialization of scientific research. Connecting stakeholders, facilitating knowledge transfer and nurturing talents to accelerate technological innovation and commercialization is an end that we have focused on.

Science and Technology Park of Kurdistan is set to be the corner-stone of a knowledge-based economy which is currently achieving unprecedented growth rates. Our Park is home to a number of knowledge-based businesses:

Our mission statement comprises variety of key strands:


  • To be a prime location for successful science-based business development combined with excellent quality of life;
  • To promote the region's world-leading scientific capacity and international ambition;
  • To contribute significantly to the Government's innovation agenda by encouraging knowledge transfer between the research base and innovative business.



Our Vision

Our vision is to support entrepreneurship ventures in the region through incubation, funding, training, mentorship, and connection to the regional and global tech innovation ecosystem. We aim to create a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem to deliver social and economic benefits to Kurdistan and the region.



Our Achievements

Although STPOK is one of the youngest Sci-Tech Parks in Iran, it has achieved considerable success over a span of four years:


  • Hosting 110 companies of a variety of areas such as ICT, agriculture, environmental science, nanotechnology and so on
  • Creation of more than 700 jobs
  • Commercializing more than 30 commercialized knowledge-based products with an estimated value of US$250000, exported to more than 70 countries
  •  A full member of International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP), Asian Science Park Association (ASPA) and Inter-Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks (INSTP)
  • Announced as the Best Pavilion in the Research and Technology Week of Iran in 2016.



Written By: Sirvan Barzanji


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