The 15th Marivan International Street Theater Festival has come to an end
Nov 02, 2021
The 15th Marivan International Street Theater Festival has come to an end
Marivan - The 15th Marivan International Street Theater Festival ended with the introduction of top individuals and groups

According to the Kurdevari reporter, the closing ceremony of the 15th Marivan International Street Theater Festival was held on Monday in the presence of the country's leading street performers in the women's park of this border city.
  The jury of the 15th Marivan Street Theater Festival introduced the play "Samandar" directed by Masoud Kordi from Boroujerd as the selected work in the children's section and praised the play "Sabzak va Mubarak" directed by Mehdi Maleki from Tehran with a plaque and a cash prize.
  In the section of self-sacrifice, martyrdom and dramatic transformations, the participating groups were praised without priority.
  Helen and Havan Mohammadi were both selected and introduced as the top players in the junior section by playing in Droshkeh Bersikan and Gandum Naderi.
  In the design and ideation section, Marjan Musainejad, the designer and ideator of the private show, Mehdi Maleki, the designer and ideologue of Mashti Moddali, Amir Amiri from the show Eye Contact with Mother, and Vahid Darvishi from the play Death of a True Lie were recognized as the best.
  In this section, the jury awarded a plaque of appreciation and a diploma of honor for the play Haft Khan from Yazd.
  Absent Single play directed by Hadi Kiani from Isfahan, Pinocchio play directed by Saeed Khairollahi from Ilam, Sweet Coupe play directed by Saeed Zabihi from Kermanshah and Barsiyehkan carriage play directed by Mokhtar Mohammadi from Marivan were honored in the section of self-sacrifice and martyrdom.
   The jury appreciated the efforts of the martyred and self-sacrificing artists present at the festival by presenting a plaque of appreciation and a cash prize from Ahmad Azhandeh, actor of the Myth play from Isfahan, Mohammad Roozbehani, director of Deldar Delvar from Tehran, Bahareh Saeedi Panah, director of the play for a like from  Kermanshah and Alireza Shams, the director of the play A few signatures on Tang Bloor from Isfahan and the owner of Absalan, the actor of the play Parrot and Merchant from Ilam, praised him.
  In the research section of the ritual section, the jury, while praising Seyed Fereydoun Ahmadi for the performance of Goli, introduced Mojtaba Moghaddam as the first rank in this section.
  The jury praised Mohammad Reza Jafari, the director of the play Heloneh, and awarded the best prize for the ritual directing section to Hoshyar Ghavami, the director of the play Goli.
  In the space design section, Afshin Khedri and Faraz Kazemi for displaying the telephone booth, Ahmad Samimi for displaying pov and Kajal Rastobin for displaying the Barsiyehkan flag were ranked third, second and first, respectively.
  In the music category, Mohammad Eslami and Mohammad Narimani won third place in the parameter play, Amin Absalan won second place for the play Parrot and Bazargan, and the first prize went to Mohammad Naderi in the symphony play.
  The first prize for costume design went to Nadereh Heydarian from the play Parrot and the Merchant, the second prize went to Siavash Abdollahi from the play The Neighbor of a Goose, and the third prize went to Adineh Rahimnejad from the play Myth.
  In the design and idea section, Mokhtar Mohammadi won the first and third places, respectively, for the play "Barsihkan", Homa Persian for "pov" and Haidar Rezaei for "Parrot" and "Bazargan".
  In the male acting section, Mostafa Kolivandi won the first place in the play Pinocchio and the neighbor chicken is not a goose, Hashem Pourmohammadi won the second place in the play for one like and Malik Absalan won the third place in the play Parrot and Merchant.
  Delaram Turki from pov, Fatemeh Hosseini from Rakabozan, Maral Izadbakhsh from 25 meters Arezoo won the first and third places, respectively.
  Mustafa Kolivandi won the third place in the directing category for his play "Neighbor of the Goose is Not a Goose", Ahmad Samimi won the second place for his pov play and Mokhtar Mohammadi, the director of the play "Drushkeh Barsiyakan", won the top prize.
  In this ceremony, a group of loving fish consisting of able-bodied people under the auspices of the Welfare Organization was also specially honored.
By: saeideh golabi
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