About Kurdewari Agency
Today,with the advent of technology , internet penetration and cyberspace,time and place concerns have lost for the users. 
By transmitting daily news from newspaper stalls to glass stalls the users can access their favorite newspaper any time that they want through the cyber.
The kordavary news agency due to it's decentralized,horizontal and two_sided structure will make the users more active in providing information.
In addition,by expanding the text of hyper users connect to the other recourses withot intermediary and can get more information too. On the other hand  increasing the range of internet penetration in the country and in the world , using internet by the most effective community of people who are youth and teenagers and they meet their needs in this way as well thousand of users who access to the internet easily lead many organizations and  institutions to work effectively,constantly and 24 hours in global village and also lead them to concentrate on their relationship with their users. Undoubtedly this is needed for news agancy more than other institutions. Because the speed of transmition and propagation of news it so fast so that there isn't anytime left to think. According to this knowledge and the keen interest in expanding the spectrum of responsiveness to audience'c requirements throughout thr country and also in order to it's long term goals with tha backing of two decades activity virtual field it's decided to set up the agancy kordavary newsletter alongside the publication of kordavary social culture magazine. And it tries to compensate the created vacum by the written space shortage as well as publishing a variety of news and community_related topics. 
More than ever befor provides grounds for voting of groups in the community.
The Kordavaru news agency is trying to reflect  the most important news and events in the Kurdish regions of Iran and the world, especially in Kurdistan province.
This medium will also try to assert the people concerns while avoid intering  into marginal issues and ineffectual controversy.
The main strategy of this news site is reflecting the news accurately that includes all groups of people and political currents as long as it conforms to press law.
Kordevari News Agency, with respect to all users, supports supports ideas that can help us along the way, and will openly welcome their point of  views and views.
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