Official sheds light on process selecting Kurdish elites
Jun 27, 2019
Official sheds light on process selecting Kurdish elites
The head of the language and literature scientifice committee of the International Kurdish Elites Congress explained the process which elects the elites who are supposed to be honored in the congress planned for July 2 and 3 in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan province.
Dr. Bakhtiar Sajadi, also a Kurdistan University Proffesor at the Kurdish language and literature department, told the reporter of the congress that the university and Kurdish Studies Institute of the university have decided to select Kurdish elites of the world in six parts and, therefore, the six working groups of language and literature, art, human sciences, agriculture, the fundamental science and medicine are working under a scientific committee, Sajadi added.
He continued to say that the head of the working groups, except the medecine working group, are Kurdistan University professors; 21 of them are members of the language and literature working group.
Sajadi also stated his working group has attempted to select the elites of the Kurdish Language and Literature from among the dialects of Hewrami, Kurmanji, Sorani and etc. from the countries of Iran, Kurfistan Region of Iraq, Turkey and even Europe.
The head of the committee also said the selected elites have known works both nationally and outside the country, expressing hope that university students and youth could be inspired by the efforts and attempts and the achievements the elites have made.
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