Sixth year of attendance
Apr 20, 2020
Sixth year of attendance
We are entering the field of the Kurdish press, where our society is facing an unknown viral crisis in the field of health, and many people in their daily lives have been affected by this disease.
Many events and happenings during the year affect the process of journalism and press activities, and it forces the activists in this field to write and enlighten the people by writing about these events along with the people. During its five years of continuous activity, the Kurdish media collection has always tried to be a language for expressing the concerns of the people, and in this regard, it has endured many hardships and has gone through many hardships.
In the last days of the fifth year of our activity, we were hit by sixty press deputies. to be continued.
Unfortunately, the decision-makers and decision-makers of the capital, without a proper understanding of the situation of local publications, including the publications of the border and deprived provinces of Kurdistan, have prepared a single version for the whole country and rolled up their sleeves to destroy local publications in provinces such as Kurdistan. . Now that we are on the eve of the 122nd anniversary of the publication of the first Kurdish-language newspaper, Kurdish journalism has a history of more than a century, but this tumultuous period in the Kurdish regions has not always been a routine one. And many incidents and events have affected the process of activities in this area.
Considering this tumultuous history, the Kurdish media outlet has taken a dangerous step in the direction of Kurdish journalism, and now, five years after its continuous operation, it can claim to have taken a new step in the field of regional journalism. Kurdish cartoonists and cartoonists and the use of the creativity of the youth of this region have been among the prominent features of this publication.
Allocating a special page for nurturing the next generation of literature and culture in the field of Kurdish literature, along with allocating a special page to Kurdish literature called Suzi Adan, is another part of Kurdish journalism that compares this journal to other public monthly magazines in the province. Distinguishes. The dedication of a part of the magazine to the release of unintentional prisoners has been another step taken by the editor-in-chief of this magazine in the past years, and fortunately, with this cultural movement, more than 10 prisoners of unintentional crimes have been released.
Winning more than 25 international, national, regional and provincial titles at press and art festivals has been another honor of the Kurdish media collection, and we hope that this growing trend will continue in the new year.
We are celebrating the sixth year of our presence by keeping alive the memory and the name of our dear brother and companion Amir Soheili, while if this young Rana and the committed and tasteful Kurdish artist were with us, we would undoubtedly see the creation of greater honors, but unfortunately We are now deprived of the blessings of this dear existence.
In the sixth year of its presence, we have once again announced our readiness to fully cooperate with the concerns of different sections of the province, and we hope that the black shadow of this vicious virus will disappear from our society as soon as possible.
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